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Best Ladies Watches

How does one go about looking for the best watches for ladies? Of course, these days we don't really need a watch - all we have to do is take a peek at our smartphones to check the time. However, we can all remember those times when looking at our wrist would have been more appropriate, and inconspicuous, than looking at a brightly lit phone -think long and dull work meeting! Aside from the discretion factor, we can not deny that there is a certain appeal that a wristwatch has; the elegance, the refinement, the prestige. Think about how wearing an elegant watch makes you feel. Pretty darn amazing. Below we are going to explore the best watches for women in all price ranges, as well as discover the watch brands that are popular and trending today.

Why Invest in a Wristwatch?

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As mentioned above, no one actually needs a watch - we have phones that tell us the time and more. However, wearing a watch is more than about seeing what time it is. It is a statement of sorts. A watch shows off your unique personality and tells the world who you are. A fancy timepiece is a necessary accessory for each and every woman. It can act as a work of art and make an ensemble complete, like a fine piece of jewelry, while also accentuating a woman's feminine side and beauty. Styles can vary greatly: you have your large and ornate, small and functional, and fun and colorful. It can be a challenge though, with so many watches for women out there, to know what's what. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal taste and desire.

Characteristics of Watches for Women 

What is the number one thing to look for when buying a watch? Accuracy of course.Ladies foto But that is almost guaranteed if you are buying any Swiss-made timepiece, as Switzerland hosts the world's finest watchmakers. For this reason, the primary characteristics to seek when looking for watches include the quality of construction, features, fashion style, price, and brand name. All in all, women's watches are all about functionality, appearance, and prestige.

Top 10 Watches for Women

It can be a challenge though, with so many brands out there, to know what's what. Many wristwatches are desirable for their functionality, others for design, and others merely for their high-end name. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal desire and taste.

For those who are in the market for the best watches for women, we have created a list of the 10 best watches for women, based on several criteria: including best luxury watch, best budget watch, and best fitness watch.

Not Pricey

1. CASIO BA-111-1ACR Baby-G 

We go from extreme luxury to more practical and less expensive with this watch, made for the sports-minded woman. Being a digital timepiece, driven by a quartz movement, it boasts a timer, alarm, stopwatch and is water-resistant. Though it has a large frame, it is still feminine and made to fit and complement a woman's arm. 


We have now come to the best budget category. This watch is for the fashion-conscious woman who does not want to spend her whole paycheck. It is stylish and has everything you need in a dress watch; a white sunray dial, black leather strap, and a rose gold watch face. Most importantly, you can get on for less than $100!

3.FITBIT Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker

Though the least expensive watch mentioned thus far, it holds the number one spot for most researched online best fitness women's watch. It is your best friend in that it tracks and logs all of your movements and activities; everything from steps, distance, and calories burned. It even reminds you to move and celebrates with you when you achieve a goal! What more do you need?

Middle of the Road

4.APPLE Watch Series 5

At the top of the list of best watches for women is the smart-watch. With a starting price of $699, this watch is one of the top-selling smart-watches for women in the market. It is customizable; you can choose from a myriad of different materials, such as aluminum, titanium, and ceramic for your case and strap. And the colors vary from black to pastels.

5. SEIKO Lukia Solar Automatic SSQV042

Not only is this watch striking and feminine with its lively pink leather strap and rose gold case, but it is also solar-powered, holding a 6-month power reserve on only one single charge. Impressive. Another impressive feature is its unique ability to receive radio signals, from far and wide. If you are looking for something that envelopes femininity as well as technical refinement, look no further than this watch.

6. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 9

TAG Heuer is considered one of the best automatic wristwatches for women and features the automatic movement, Swiss-made TAG Heuer Calibre 9, and has an amazing 40-hour power reserve. Contrasting the stainless steel and polished steel bracelet, the dial is a pale white color and compact, giving it a romantic and stylish tone.


7. BREGUET Reine de Naples

If you are looking for a super luxury timepiece, this watch is the one! It is made of rose gold, features 83 brilliant-cut diamonds, and has a dial made of white mother-of-pearl with prominent Roman numerals in rose gold-tone at 12 and 6 o'clock as well as a rose gold bezel. You can recognize this watch for its egg-shaped dial and the brown alligator strap and leather strap with a gold clasp adorned with 29 diamonds. Inspired by the Queen of Naples back in 1810, it is truly one of the most prestigious timepieces for women.

8. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Piguet has always been one of the top collectible brands of best watches, with the Royal Oak being its most iconic collection. It takes a prominent spot on our list of top-end and b for women. Those looking for high-quality craftsmanship, this is the one.

9. ROLEX Datejust

You simply cannot have a list of best luxury watches for women without including one of the best Swiss timepieces... Rolex! Lady-Datejust watches for women are completely covered in 18K yellow gold with diamonds scattered on the bezel. It has a battery life of 55 hours, has water resistance up to100 meters, and offers what the Rolex is known for, superb chronometric performance. Totally worth the $30,000 price tag.

10.Jaeger- LeCoultre Reverso

This watch designer created the Calibre 101 in 1929, giving the world the smallest mechanical movement which has been used in the making of delicate and refined timepieces. Reverso watches for women was quickly born after this. in 1931. The latest Reverso One follows in its footsteps with its thin stainless-steel design and delicate features, and with a diamond setting and Arabic numerals that almost seem to be hand-drawn.

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